Sunday, January 10, 2010

NOTD: Glitter Pink With Black Bows

Hi all! I got 2 new bottles of nail polish from the Faceshop. They are both of  the Celestial Light collection. The gold is 03 and the pink is 02. No names, just numbers.

Okay, so I used a base coat and 2 coats of the pink. I used Konad plate m56 and Konad special polish black. I still dislike the black. It shows up well BUT it seriously stains like crazy.
One konad topcoat.

Pretty no? It matches the dress I'm wearing to a friend's wedding tomorrow :)

Monday, January 4, 2010


Hi everyone.

Being in Singapore, there are a lot of polishes I love but I have no way of getting a hold of.

So I am going to suggest an exchange? I am willing to buy Faceshop, Skinfood, Sylvie and Voxy and exchange them for China Glaze, Essie and basically, almost anything.

Just drop me a note. I promise I am not an asshole. \(^,^)?

My Nail Polishes!

Below is all Skinfood. A south korean brand (left to right). These are the typical nail polish. Brushes are easy to use but polishes not as pigmentated. Now, Skinfood is only highly pigmentated when it is the pedicure range. (Note little foot). One coat is enough.

My nail polish haul. ^^ Sorry it's so messy. My blog post that is. It's tricky to use, for me anyway. (I'm a dunce at these sort of things. I could get to level 99 in most RPGs and have the ultimate weapon and beat all the secret bosses with all treasure chests found, but I can't edit posts to save my life.)

NOTD: Konad Matte Black with White

Hi all! One coat LA Girl Matte black and I used the konad special sticky polish in white.It was plate m51 for the konad. ^^

And yes, the pinky was made with a different stamp on the same plate.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

NOTD: LA Girl Matte Black with Supernova

I used one coat of Matte Black followed by 2 coats of Supernova. I really like the forumla and brush for LA Girl. It's easy to use. And glides on like butter. (^,^)

This was my New Year manicure. I was away in Bali for a few days thus my updates slowed down.

Happy new year all!