Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's warmer than you think!

Hi ladies!

I know some of you are going to say I'm crazy but Vancouver isn't cold enough. (>,<)

The heating is turned up soooo high. (esp in H&M but we'll get to that later)

So far, with regards to nail polish, I have been to London Drug Mart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Dollar Shop/Tree (can't remember), Sephora, Icing, Claire's and Sears. Although Sears was this lovely pear and mangosteen wash. *droolz*

Shops I have gone CRAZY at: H&M, Bath and Bodyworks, Sephora (TOKIDOKI!!!!!!!), general Japanese eating places (Uni in season), and LUSH! I love lush and it's taking all my strength not to buy out the whole store. Muah ha ha ha ha ha aha ha ah ah

But I have accumlated about 30 bottles of polish so far. Opps.

I promise I will post up pictures soon cos I have a Lolita party to go to tonight.

I have a bonnet to wear.

Yes, you heard right. A bonnet.

It's cute but...

Yeah, time to go to Safeway!

Take care this holiday season ladies!

PS Any Vancouver ladies know any good places to shop??

Monday, December 6, 2010

Elianto Turquoise No. 27

Hello ladies!

Elianto Turquoise in 3 coats. Lovely shimmer through it. I can't take a good picture! This bloody polish somehow eluded my camera.

This was the best of the lot. (>,<") See what I mean! There is a bit more green to it.

If you look at the closeups here, it's the most accurate colour. A true Tiffany blue?? I went to Tiffany's today to gawk/drool, and I matched the boxes. Muah aha ha aahahhahaah! Even the sales ladies were like wow...

I don't need China Glaze's For Audrey anymore. ^^

Sunday, December 5, 2010

And the winner is...

The winner is Sylvia from Nailart Creations!

I used the random number thingie and it came up Sylvia!

(Okies, I know most people copy the page and stick it up here, but I admit, I don't know how to do that! ><)

So yeah!

Please contact me within 24 hours!

And ladies, watch out for my massive giveaway in Jan. I'm clearing out my nail cupboard cos I'm moving house. Some will have been swatched before, but some are brand new.

Ahh, the signs of a nail polish addict... (>,<")

Must buy! I have this exact shade but this has shimmer in it!

Ohhhhhh jellies...

Do I need another green? Yes!

Pretty colour...

Friday, December 3, 2010

My Boyfriend, My Army

Hello ladies!

You want a Singaporean man? Wooooooo...


Time to tie my tubes. (>,<")

Elianto Dark Sea Green No. 30

Hello ladies!

I love jellies. They are my favorite finish. Yummy.

It's a lot more blue than green. In the dark it looks blue. But in the light it is more green.

Still, very YUMMY!

Indoors with flash.
Outdoors in sunlight.

Plain bottle but very cheap! Only RM$5.

And I have decided what I DO NOT WANT FOR CHRISTMAS!

And today's the last day for the contest.

So, come on! :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Luck of the Irish

Hello ladies!

OPI Who the Shrek are you?, Jade is the New Black and Skinfood white all on my toes. Luck of the irish I say!

Warning! Toes ahead.

I just really like this colour combination. I applied it a bit haphazardly but I always made a mess of my toes :P Anyway, it all peels off in the shower.

So, don't forget to enter! I will use a random number picker thingie from the internet.

Good luck! :) Maybe you can try my lucky toes!

Elianto's Night Glitters No. 19 Giveaway!

A Korean brand with names and numbers for their nail polish? *gasp*

Elianto is the new Korean kid on the block here in South East Asia.  apparently a Malaysian brand. I asked the sales lady where they were from and she said Korea! (>,<) She lied! Or how could she not know what country the brand is from?!?!!?!?!? Very very strange (;.;")

"In 2005, Elianto was introduced and the first store opened at First World Resort at Genting Highlands. With 53 stores nationwide include East Malaysia and 13 Overseas franchise outlets. In the near future, Elianto planned to expand it to 60 local outlets. The latest addition is at the Pavilion KL and Lot 10, KL. In 2008, Elianto planned to opened another 20 outlets nationwide to capture larger market share.
Elianto also ventured to overseas markets vie franchise. The markets opened to date are at Philippines, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Future overseas market strategy includes Asian countries i.e. Thailand and China, Middle East countries i.e. Kuwait and Jordan and South Asia countries i.e. India."
They have lovely nail colours and so so packaging.

The makeup looks rather meh as does the skin care.
But the nail polish bottles are pretty!

This is a lovely olive and a dream to apply. And guess what?

I'm giving it away! Yes, I thought of all of you ladies and got 2 bottles!

So, this is a super mini giveaway. You will get this nail polish, a suprise one and 2 facemasks from Elianto!
 The prize plus a mystery nail polish! \(',')/

1. Contest ends 3rd Dec at 12midnight (I'm easy, I will allow an entry at if it's still 3rd somewhere in the world.)
2. Once I choose a winner, you have 24 hours to reply. Or I will pick another.
3. Contest is open intenationally.
4. You MUST be a follower to enter. One comment per entry or I will get confused.
5. Please leave your follower name and email (1 entry) and what is your favourite nail polish ever and why in the comments section (Bonus 1 entry).

Thanks ladies and good luck! (^^)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fly the Flag!

As most of you know, I am a Singaporean girl, born and bred.

I know the streets, the sights, the sounds, the smells. I could show the secrets of our little tropical island.

This is our flag.
And I'm quite proud of our country.

In fact for National Day, we have many songs to commerate our independance.

One of the oldies yet goodies is "Stand up for Singapore."

Then, I found this.

Ummmmm... Stand up for Singapore?????????


Who didn't notice this epic fail????

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Homework Assignment

I saw this ages ago in Readers Digest. And I remember almost peeing in my pants!

A first grade girl handed in the drawing below for a homework assignment...
 After it was graded and the child brought it home, she returned to school the next day with the following note:

Dear Ms. Davis,

I want to be very clear on my child's illustration. It is NOT of me on a dance pole on a stage in a strip joint. I work at Home Depot and had commented to my daughter how much money we made in the recent snowstorm. This drawing is of me selling a shovel.

Mrs. Harrington

So, the moral of the story?

Check your kid's homework before you let them hand it in. 

Leafy Konad

Hi ladies!

A forest green with white leaves? Classic! Forget the state of my hands and handiwork. I haven't konaded in so long. Was super shakey. Plus this plate was meant as a French tip one. So I tried layered 2 stamps to join up!


But now I know and I might try this again. It looks like a camouflage pattern. Speaking of which...

My brother is in the army. In Singapore, all males must go through National Service for 2 years. (Yes, that is the pattern of our Army uniform.) So, my dog, Floppy, had to as well. Being a boy and all.

Yes, SIR!

At ease, Cadet!

YES SIR! Thank you SIR!

Also, the garden has been doing well. :) It's the rainy season so the flowers are blooming!

Cookie wanted a picture too :)
Yes, I'm such a poser. But my hair is now red. And I need a picture of that but not today. I'm having a bit of a cold and I look and feel gross.

Can you believe its ALMOST Christmas?

And I'm leaving Singapore for Canada in 15 days!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cling? Good idea!

I would NEVER let go! (^.^)

Ahhh, cling!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Work Sucks! (>,<)

I swear I am working 12-14 hour days recently.

I'm not even in the mood for Halloween. Most of it should taper off by mid November so, here's to hope!

I hope everyone else is keeping well and their fingers are well-polished!

PS Mine haven't been painted since the ghosts post. I have been naked for a looooong time! (;.;)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NOTD: Cheeky Ghosts!

Hi ladies!

I got out me brushes and decided to do an early Halloween manicure.

NEVER paint while drinking choya. Your hands go shaky, your art looks crap, but hell, you don't care. (^^)

Both taken with flash. The top thumb looks like a one toothed vampire, or according to one of my students, it does. Note the child like innocence of the drawings. Really channeling the 5 year old in me!

But I kinda like it cos it's so messy!

Now to do a better one! Offffffffff with their heads!!! MUAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Sunday, October 17, 2010

NOTD: Some Brand I got in Bali

Hi ladies!

Nothing is more liberating then a new hair cut and colour.

And of course, some seafood.
 Salted egg crab.

 Frogs fried with ginger and onions. Yummy.
Chilli crab. Classic singaporean dish.

Pork ribs cooked with a rich coffee sauce.

The aftermath. Muah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Note how the crabs were sucked clean.

This polish I got in Bali for Rp 6000. Which is about 80cents in Singapore. It was watery, streaky and hard to control. But its a lovely sky blue and I would use it again.

And since I have a tan, I can finally use coral nail polish! This was a cheap brandless $1 nailpolish I found. It was chunky and the brush was a nightmare. This is 4 coats. Top photo with flash, bottom without flash.

Hope you like this!

BTW: Bali does not look like how it does in Eat, Pray, Love. You know the scene where Julia Roberts is cycling in among the monkeys? To get there in Ubud, you must climb down A LOT OF STAIRS. There is no way you could cycle then. But then again, what do i know compared to Hollywood? And Bali ain't that clean. And everybody smokes everywhere.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bali Manicure and Pedicure

Hi ladies!

When September ends, spend it in Bali!

I did a cheapie manicure in Bali. It was US$5 for a manicure and pedicure. Cheap no? It wasn't the best and the nail polish was nameless but it was fun nonetheless.

The warm water and cool breezes really work up an appetite.

Yum yum. Fried rice, salad, prawn crackers, satay and a fried egg! (Although I only eat the white. I don't like yolk. Ewwwww.... Liquid chick)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nails in Bali

 My nails are OPI's Catch Me in Your Net. I was trying to take pictures in downtown Bali, in Seminyak.

 The view from my hotel room.

The monkeys in Ubud were fun. They climbed all over me in a desperate attempt to get to the bananas. Look at the poor baby expression on this guy's face.

The river near the monkey temple.

Me just before white water rafting. It was great. It was FANTASTIC. I went on the baby rapids. I know why some people do this as a hobby. I want to go back and do it all over again. Bali was warm but the water was chilly and it was sooooo refreshing.

So, this was a private beach at Nammos. Utterly beautiful.

The pictures don't do it justice. It was breathtaking.

PS I did a manicure in Bali. Will post pictures soon. Will also shamelessly put up more pictures of monkeys and Bali.