Sunday, January 30, 2011

Colours for Spring!

Hi ladies!

Spring has sprung and are you as stoked as I am? I’m not one to adopt every single trend but this season, I’m a follower. Leave the dreariness of Winter behind you and embrace colour. 

After watching the Spring runway shows, a few colours and finishes keep reappearing. I give you the 5 MUST-HAVE colours for Spring 2011.

Chanel Riva
Blue, like a robin egg. This bright pop of colour works well with long or short nails. Dark gloomy blues are forbidden! We want to channel the feeling of Easter eggs all ready to be unwrapped and devoured. Great options include China Glaze in For Audrey and Chanel in Riva. 

Peach or Persimmon. This delicious colour is suitable for all skin tones! They work especially well when used for a pedicure. To get all dolled up, I recommend Revlon in Siren, China Glaze in Life Preserver or OPI in Hot & Spicy.
Opi Hot & Spicy (Hongkong collection

 Purple. Every imaginable shade was seen on the runway, although a lighter lilac would be more appropriate for the office as compared to indigo.  A great lilac would be YSL nail polish in Mauve Silk or Deborah Lippmann in Constant Craving. Darker options include OPI in Plugged-In Plum or RGB in Deep. Warning: If you choose to wear the darker purples, please cut your nails. Long talons look witch-like and scary.
YSL Mauve Silk

Gray. I would declare that dusty gray is THE colour to have this season. I love it and I have been sporting it practically every other day. I am obsessed with Essie in Sew Psyched.  Other excellent options include China Glaze in Magical Romantique, Deborah Lippmann in Waking up in Vegas and Manglaze in Fuggen’ Ugly which is a matte gray. 
Waking up in Vegas, Made famous by Lady Gaga :) Always ahead of the trend

Any crackle nail polish topcoat. Not technically a colour but still hot. Just be sure to use contrasting colours so that it pops! Good combinations include (base colour/crackle), pink/black. Blue/yellow. Red/gray. Purple/white.  In the Serena Williams and Katy Perry’s OPI collaboration, there is a crackle nail polish called Black Shatter. Canmake and Mia Secret have a whole range of different colours. Link here for polishes that can be brought online.

I hope this inspires you to try new colours.
Till then, happy polishing!

Notes: For more information about different finishes, here’s an excellent guide.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

NOTD: Lilac with Black Glitter Tips

Hi ladies! 
Here it is, a bit late but here.

This was a cheap nameless, numberless $1 bottle of frosty lilac from a little pushcart. It didn't smell too bad but it was not nice at all to apply.

It was a pretty bottle with a quilted design. And a huge tube of black glitter I got for $2.

So after 2 coats, I pushed my tips in and shook them around. And tadah!

Add a flower sticker on the thumb...

 It looks very pretty, right? heheh

And on a side note, I got my first housewarming present.

A spongebob squarepants toaster! I love it!


Friday, January 28, 2011

Chinese New Year is upon us!

Hi ladies!

It's Chinese New Year next week and it means the beginning of Spring! Not that it makes a big difference in a tropical country. So yes, I'm moving in 2 weeks. I have mostly packed.

I just thought to share this modern lion dance troope that has been wandering round Singapore the last week.

It's not traditional at all (white guy? seriously :P) and I'm sure some purists are frothing at the mouth, but it is quite entertaining.

It was taken at the Merlion Park with the Esplande and Marina Bay Sands casino behind it. You can also glimpse the CBD or banking district in the background.

Cute huh? I like the fusion. I thought it was a very nice twist to the usual ear-banging variety.

So, I promise pictures of my manicure tomorrow! *pinky swear*

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Innapporiate For Little Girls? Yes.

This is wrong on every single level.

I understand parents have a right to raise their children any way they choose to. As long as one doesn't harm the child, it's all okay. But to exploit your children like this?

What is the world coming to? 2 year olds with 'breasts' is just wrong. JUst let the kids be kids. I honestly don't approve of Beauty Pageants for such small babies.

Sexualizing children? Makeup on kids? 5 year olds getting their brows waxed? 3 year olds in tight leather and doing Lady Gaga? Mimicking Madonna at the height of her 'sexual awakening'?


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy belated New Year!

Hi ladies!

Happy new year! I spent mine in Vancouver and had a blast! Sadly, it's back to work and P-A-C-K-I-N-G.
Remember how I said I brought a new place? I'm moving in early Feb. So, it's time to slowly pack. I look at my nail polish and feel pain. Will take pictures when it's all laid out. I'm sure loads of you guys have more then me.

 This was my first day shopping. Ummm nail polish at least.

That was Sephora by opi. I can't remember the colour. And yes, that is a bonnet.

On Granville Island, Leaf him at the altar!

 Some polishes by Icing and cupcakes! So yummy! Note my witch-like talons.

Which came to an end. Oh Canada! (Yes bad joke. The plaster given to me was also a bad joke. Thanks Ash.)

Beautiful sunset at Ambleside.
All shopped out? No more money?
Calls for desperate measures! And I mean desperate.