Monday, January 4, 2010

My Nail Polishes!

Below is all Skinfood. A south korean brand (left to right). These are the typical nail polish. Brushes are easy to use but polishes not as pigmentated. Now, Skinfood is only highly pigmentated when it is the pedicure range. (Note little foot). One coat is enough.

My nail polish haul. ^^ Sorry it's so messy. My blog post that is. It's tricky to use, for me anyway. (I'm a dunce at these sort of things. I could get to level 99 in most RPGs and have the ultimate weapon and beat all the secret bosses with all treasure chests found, but I can't edit posts to save my life.)

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Anonymous said...

hi! where did u get LA girl nailpolish? do email me at

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