Friday, April 23, 2010

NOTD: OPI Merry Midnight and a bitch


I'm redoing it cos I took WAY better photos this time :)

 Pretty flakies in bottle.

3 days wear.

Just a mini grumble now.

I have tried, 3 times to head to the post office this week. Loooooong queues (at least an hours' wait) each time. I lined up to get my package weighed and to buy envelopes/paper package thingies for my giveaway people. Line up, line up. Then when I get to the counter, I realise I left my wallet in the car.

Me: Oh no! I just realised I left my wallet in the car.
Person behind counter (PBC): ... (Silence)
Me: Could I pop out and get it? Serve the others first.
PBC: Next......
(After running down 3 flights of stairs and up again)
Me: I'm back, sorry about that. *huff huff*
PBC: Must line up again one.
Me: ?!?!?!! Please? I waited a long time. And these nice people know I'm not cutting.
PBC: Cannot. Must line up again.
(Note: Line seems longer than before)
Me: Please? Just this once?
Me: Arggggghhhhhh....

So I must venture out again. I'm not happy with the post office. Plus we were told not to post anything to Europe as it would most likely be delayed. Na-duh for why.

Thanks for the rant. Sometimes, people are just mean .>,<

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