Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's warmer than you think!

Hi ladies!

I know some of you are going to say I'm crazy but Vancouver isn't cold enough. (>,<)

The heating is turned up soooo high. (esp in H&M but we'll get to that later)

So far, with regards to nail polish, I have been to London Drug Mart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Dollar Shop/Tree (can't remember), Sephora, Icing, Claire's and Sears. Although Sears was this lovely pear and mangosteen wash. *droolz*

Shops I have gone CRAZY at: H&M, Bath and Bodyworks, Sephora (TOKIDOKI!!!!!!!), general Japanese eating places (Uni in season), and LUSH! I love lush and it's taking all my strength not to buy out the whole store. Muah ha ha ha ha ha aha ha ah ah

But I have accumlated about 30 bottles of polish so far. Opps.

I promise I will post up pictures soon cos I have a Lolita party to go to tonight.

I have a bonnet to wear.

Yes, you heard right. A bonnet.

It's cute but...

Yeah, time to go to Safeway!

Take care this holiday season ladies!

PS Any Vancouver ladies know any good places to shop??

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Martje said...

ooeehh you have fun hunny!! go buy lots and lots of stuff for yourself :)