Monday, December 6, 2010

Elianto Turquoise No. 27

Hello ladies!

Elianto Turquoise in 3 coats. Lovely shimmer through it. I can't take a good picture! This bloody polish somehow eluded my camera.

This was the best of the lot. (>,<") See what I mean! There is a bit more green to it.

If you look at the closeups here, it's the most accurate colour. A true Tiffany blue?? I went to Tiffany's today to gawk/drool, and I matched the boxes. Muah aha ha aahahhahaah! Even the sales ladies were like wow...

I don't need China Glaze's For Audrey anymore. ^^


KarenD said...

Nice color!

jaljen said...

That is very striking!

The Green Fairy said...

It's so in ya face! I love it! :)

Nikolo Bulaun said...

its so cute!

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