Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Copycat: All Lacquered Up's Look

This was done free hand. This is my left hand and looks quite a bit nicer than my right hand. I got the inspiration from All Lacquered UP's blog.

For the nail polish, I used
  1. Skinfood 21ww1 080822 (Light green.)
  2. Skinfood 21vx1 090722 (Bluey-green)
  3. OPI's Here today Aragon tomorrow (Dark green on thumb)
I still LOVE skinfood's brushes. The light green was 3 coats and the bluey one was 2 coats. OPI was 2 coats as well. The picture was taken after 4 days of wear. I only really have tip wear from the OPI but the rest looks pretty good.

So, watcha think?

PS Still crossing fingers for my Alice in Wonderland palette. Please please please!

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