Friday, September 3, 2010

NOTD: OR205 Sunglasses Needed!

Hi ladies!

This is from the Faceshop and aptly named OR205. It is a neon highlighter orange! I did a base coat, then a thin coat of white then 2 coats of the orange.
Taken in the 'sun' (bit cloudy today) with no flash. It's really a much brighter orange. The pictures make it seem so muted.
Wah ha ha ha! My uneven nails. I love orange but it looks CRAP on me. >,<
Matchy matchy! If u see these in a stationary store, look at it. SAME bright shade.

It's been 2 days and there is some edge wear. I find the forumla great and easy to apply. Dries sooo slowly though.

I just realised this is my first orange nails.

Bazinga! (^.^) Can't wait for end September so that I can get my Big Bang kick again...

I want Sheldon!


Alice said...

:) happy first orangrnails! :)it doesn't look so crap :) it's a very summery color!

Just Cake girl said...

love this color :)