Sunday, August 29, 2010

High Fashion Photo Shoot or maybe not (^,^)

I headed out to the Marina Bay area with friends last night. I haven't stayed out til 5 in the morning for ages! Needless to say, I suffered today.

But here are some shots of me *cough cough* and my friends trying to do some high end fashion photo shoot type feel. hahah I didn't explain myself well at all!

The scene. The Singapore River overlooking Marina Sands the casino. On the 'boat' there is an infinity pool. It was where Katy Perry did her interview when she was in Singapore. In the pool.
Who that? It me!
Part of the Fullerton Hotel where we were.
No sharing!
Awwww... Young sweet love! The lesbian sort. Muah ha ah ha ha ha ha

It was heaps fun and some of the photos are a bit ummm not meant to be published EVER.

Like the maxi dress? I got it for a steal at just S$19! And can you spot some earrings? ^^

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