Sunday, January 16, 2011

Innapporiate For Little Girls? Yes.

This is wrong on every single level.

I understand parents have a right to raise their children any way they choose to. As long as one doesn't harm the child, it's all okay. But to exploit your children like this?

What is the world coming to? 2 year olds with 'breasts' is just wrong. JUst let the kids be kids. I honestly don't approve of Beauty Pageants for such small babies.

Sexualizing children? Makeup on kids? 5 year olds getting their brows waxed? 3 year olds in tight leather and doing Lady Gaga? Mimicking Madonna at the height of her 'sexual awakening'?



jaljen said...

It's a form of child-abuse. Absolutely appalling.

mum said...

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Frankenstyna said...

What kind of talent pageant is this? The kids don't even know what they are doing up on stage! It is one thing to let your children pay dress up or wear nail polish on special occasions, but this all out sexuality is just weird.

In any other situation where children are dressed up sexy for the amusement of adults, it would be wrong.

That mini Gaga wasn't dressed like Gaga, btw.. I have never seen Gaga in an all pink Hello Kitty outfit.

The Green Fairy said...

I think Mini Gaga in Hello Kitty would be better than Mini Gaga covered in steak.

It's apparently pretty common in America. But turning your child into a sex object is not okay. I mean if your kid sings and dances to the Old MacDonald while wearing overalls, I have no issue, even if it is a'talent' contest.

But this? I feel bad for the kids.