Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy belated New Year!

Hi ladies!

Happy new year! I spent mine in Vancouver and had a blast! Sadly, it's back to work and P-A-C-K-I-N-G.
Remember how I said I brought a new place? I'm moving in early Feb. So, it's time to slowly pack. I look at my nail polish and feel pain. Will take pictures when it's all laid out. I'm sure loads of you guys have more then me.

 This was my first day shopping. Ummm nail polish at least.

That was Sephora by opi. I can't remember the colour. And yes, that is a bonnet.

On Granville Island, Leaf him at the altar!

 Some polishes by Icing and cupcakes! So yummy! Note my witch-like talons.

Which came to an end. Oh Canada! (Yes bad joke. The plaster given to me was also a bad joke. Thanks Ash.)

Beautiful sunset at Ambleside.
All shopped out? No more money?
Calls for desperate measures! And I mean desperate.

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jaljen said...

Love the last 2 pix. And that sunset. And the cupcakes. Oh, and the bonnet. And the mint nails. And your glasses suit you so much. Love them.