Monday, March 21, 2011

A New Start... A New Beginning... And New Feet!

Hi ladies!

I have been missing for a loooong time.

Here's the rundown of my life
  1. Got a new house
  2. Renovating house
  3. Trying to sell my car
  4. Got a new job
  5. Learning to ride a motorbike
  6. Trying to jumpstart a fitness routine (Keyword is try)
  7. Lost my cell. Lost all numbers. Went crazy for a while.
  8. Feeling anti-social and grumpy.
  9. Trying to save money.
  10. Learning to work within a budget.
And what's my new job? I got a writer's position at a magazine. A real-life true to goodness publication. Actual paper, comercial but it's not smut. And I get to travel. *beams*

But with all the good, sometimes, you just worry, how's it going to fuck up now?

I know it's negative and I should keep my chin up, I deserve happiness blah blah blah.
But somewhere deeeeeeep inside of me just whispers that I don't deserve it. It's gonna blow up soon.


I try.

Anyway, new feet?

I recommand you look no further if you do NOT like feet.

Peeling liquid. Intriguing. Sign me up please.

Cos it would be a different solution for your right and left foot. By the way, I got this from Tony Moly for a about S$25.

Before. Thick heals. Grossness abound.

You put on these plastic socks, pour the 'foot' soloution in and then you tape it on. If you look very closely, you will notice I used some extra tape. For that firm hold.

Keep it in for a hour and a half. Watch some Law and Order, play some Plants Vs Zombies, slowly squish waddle your way to the loo... and you are done!

Ummm... No difference? My feet were slightly red and a bit itchy. Was beginning to think this was a bad bad idea.

But then (warning: GROSS PICTURES AHEAD)

Yes. That is dead skin that peeled off 2 days later.

How much?
And this was only about 1/8 of the skin I peeled off. I decided to show just some of the bigger chunks. The skin that came off could have wrapped my Lush Bon Bon lip scrub!

It was extremely satisfying as the skin between my toes peeled and the skin on the top on my fool. I actually had perfect soft almost baby-butt smooth feet.

It worked.

You must try it!


Chantal said...

OMG that is gross and awesome! I must get some of this magical ointment.

The Green Fairy said...

It is so gross but satisfying. And Even I could not bear to take a picture of my peeling feet. For deceny's sake. :)

Vita said...

Congratulations on your exciting happenings! That peel looks scary!!

The Green Fairy said...

It doesn't hurt at all! :)
Despite how it looks