Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saints Vs Sinners

Hi ladies!

As most of you know, I am a sucker for Anna Sui and Jill Stuart makeup. Warning, this post is really picture heavy but...

I promised pictures and here they are!

Firstly, my translucent powders.
I love the anti-Sui and the Anti-Jill.

This is my shimmery transulcent powder. It smells like roses but to be honest, I haven't even opened it yet. I LOVE makeup but I tend to hoard. The words 'special edition' also strike a cord in my soul.

Pretty in pink! While Anna Sui is edgy, Jill Sturt is the ultimate girly girl makeup. It smells like roses too but a more subtle fragance. A very toned down Anna Sui.

STASH! (The eye makeup palette is old but the rest are new.) 2 different types of blushers, a lipgloss and an eye palette.

Swatched without and with flash. Like most 'japanese' makeup, it's subtle and shimmery. Very good for a toned down dewy look. I piled on the eyeshadow because just a swipe is barely enough to show any colour.

Blusher No 1. Note the 2 tone powder. And the little bling bow on the brush! The brush is NOT great. I think it's goat (from the smell). The brush just doesn't seem to capture the powder at all. Use your own. But it's so pretty. Imagine taking this out of your Fendi in the powder room. Feel the death envy glares :P

Blusher No 2. A 4 tone blusher designed to contour your cheeks. It's untouched but I do have one that I am using. It's great to add a rosy shimmer to your skin. It does give a very natural glow. Again, brush sucks!

Note BIG PINK BLING! Soooo in love! I haven't tried it yet. Cos, I have wayyyy too much. But so pretty, how to use?

Bonus item! This is not Anna nor Jill. Who is it by? Guerlain, that's who. I love the kohl applicator. The packaging? Again to die for. It reminds one of exotic Istanbul, I can almost smell the shisah and turkish delight. Note the holographic quality of the eyeshadow. It's like a mermaid's tail. Hmm... Turkish Delight.

Speaking of which, I'll just go sniff my transulcent powder. Might just keep the sweet cravings away.

But I hope you ladies enjoyed the pictures. I'm sorry I can't say too much about application or wear time.
My eye shadows are used with a base, Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Worth it, makeup will not move.

Soooo, til then,
Happy polishing!


Martje said...

Ooow just look at the cute packaging!!! if I`d ever go to an asian country again, I`m bringing an empty bag to collect many many Anna Sui products :)

How are your feet, still nice soft?

Vita said...

I'm mad about both Anna Sui and Jill Stuart! Is Jill Stuart available to buy in Singapore?