Friday, March 25, 2011


Hi ladies!

For weddings, you need something blue. So fingers and tootises it is!

I was a bit pissed off with my manicure cos, despite paying extra for OPI products to be used, my manicure was bubbly. (@.@)

It happens to the best of us but should not when we get it professionally done. But it was cheaper than my usual place. And you know, peanuts, monkeys.

Click on picture for closeup of bubbles! It really annoys me *growl*

But this is OPI's ??????. I forgot to get the name. Anyone can help? It's a pretty dusky blue but a bit meh. I'm not screaming I want. The lady at the shop used 2 coats and yes, she did paint alllllll the way to the cuticles. Thus why its peeling a bit at the top. This is 4 days old.

Now, OPI's Yoga-ta get this blue? Preeeeeeeeeeeeetty! I adore the mirco silver glitter in it. It really adds depth to this lovely navy. 4 days old as well. My other foot has a chip but that's my own fault for wanting to greet tables that way.

Not forgetting, congrats to the happy couple! May you have many many joyous years of peace and love ahead!


Alexandra said...

I think the name of the polish on your fingers is "Suzi Says Feng Shui". It's from the Hong Kong collection.

The Green Fairy said...

Thanks! It was driving me a wee bit crazy!