Saturday, June 26, 2010

NOTD: OPI Jade is the new black, Rumple Wiggin', Funky Dunkey and TINS (Love) Warning: Feet Pictures

Hellos all! I'm back and will be posting again. I was sick and my job was super crazy. More work, same pay. But I do enjoy what I'm doing most days. I also had to deal with the "all by myself" syndrome. I was swimming in self pity for a while but I'm over it now. We all get like that some times I guess. ^^

Anyway first picture above is OPI Jade is the New Black and some glittery TINS polish. I think it's called Holiday Cheer but don't quote me on that one. I had it done in the shop. I LOVE TINS! It went on smooth. This manicure is about 4 days old so there is tip wear. Taken indoors with flash.
This is 5 days old. Outdoors no flash in sunlight.

And I got my tootises done. So WARNING! FEET PICTURES AHEAD!

The OPI Sherk collection! Dark purple is OPI Funky Dunkey. And the light purple is OPI Rumplin' Wiggin. I didn't catch the movie. I wanted to but by the time I could, it was out of cinemas. Booooooo!

And yes, I brought something naughty.

Guess what?
It's acrylic colours! Yeah! So I'm looking for suckers, I mean volunteers, for me to practice on. I think my Hongie would be a good one. *muah ha ha ha ha ha ha*

And yes, I did notice, I have 78 followers!

I'm putting together a giveaway. I shall let you guys know in just a few days. It's gonna be a pretty one!


susies1955 said...

I've got that Jade Is The New Black too and love it.
I not nuts over feet but yours are A-OK. :) I love purples.
Glad you are feeling all better.
Oh and I don’t know if you have entered my giveaway but I’m only 14 followers from drawing the winner if you are interested in entering.

The Green Fairy said...

Thanks Su! :) I did enter your giveaway! It looks awesome and I'm crossing my fingers :)

susies1955 said...

Cool. Thanks. :)