Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What inspires you?

What makes you decide what colour you wear for today?

What designs do you come up with and how?

I look around me for designs, and I find my home and plants are usually the biggest sources of inspiration.

Beautiful hibiscus in my garden. Imagine this as a reverse manicure. *drools*
Or this on your toes. Orange and yellow, beach colours!

A happy tree. Name unknown. Green nails with orange flowers on the tips.
The kitchen table. And yes, that is a tv in the kitchen. It's a 42 inch LCD. I would love golden brown nails with rainbow sprinkles. Silver cake tins? Shiny mirror nails ala Chanel.

And the Goddess of the kitchen. The orange Kitchen-Aid. The source of all joy in baking.

Now see orange and silver on your nails in lines. With some silver circles. Tacky? Maybe, you never know until you try.

SO ladies, here's a question: What makes you do your nails the way you do? ^^


jaljen said...

Just my mood. And trying the untried. I have no idea what motivates me.
Oh, I posted your parcel this morning. Let's see how long it takes!

Trent said...

check this out:

The Green Fairy said...

Those are completely awesome!

When my nails grow out again, I totally have to try it.

I'm so drawing fireballs! :)

Thanks Trent! ^^

Arlene said...

I really want that mixer!

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