Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wow! 69 eh?

Thanks guys! I can't believe I have 69 followers!

I think I'm going to have another giveaway soon

My 2 past winners, Glitterkitty and Heather, are ummm different?

Glitterkitty got her package! (Yeah!) And I'm glad she enjoyed the polish.

I have no idea if Heather got hers. Did ya? Please let me know. I haven't heard anything from ya.

I think I know why people put a lot more rules than I do. >,<

Oh well, you live you learn.

I shall have another giveaway once I hit 78 followers.

78? Why?

Cos I'm greedy, that's why. ^^


The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

Congratulations on the 69 followers!

susies1955 said...

Congrats. I'm sure there will be many more followers in the future. :)

The Green Fairy said...

I was on a bit of an ego-trip writing this post. ^^

It was late, I was excited and had a bit of alcohol in me.

Thanks all! :)

Jesa said...

I need this color!!! SO beautiful!! Stumbled on your blog :)

Really lovely!

Cheers, Jesa

Lily nail said...

i have a giveaway in my blog come on see if you want :)