Sunday, June 6, 2010

NOTD: Voxy Glitter Purple

This polish has the prettiest name. It's called Dancing Fairies. This was taken indoors without flash. And yes, that is my bedroom wall.
Indoors with flash.
Outdoors in natural light.
Voxy has fantastic glitter nail polishes! I love how dense it it. This is just one coat of Voxy! Loads of different sized glitter and it dries really fast. Where is Voxy from? *hmmm*

And why do I have glitter on? I'm going out for a manicure soon.

My friend gave me a voucher for Christmas and it expires today!

So I need to use it. I wonder what colour I'm going for today...


jaljen said...

Dancing Fairies.
Even the name is a winner!

Anonymous said...

super pretty! i love ur blog. im new!