Friday, June 4, 2010

NOTD: Unnamed Cheap But Pretty Polish which I then screwed up

This is a nameless cheap $1 bottle of  polish. These shots were taken indoors with flash. Click to enlarge to look at the green, red and blue mirco-glitter suspended in the warm brown.
The bottle indoors.
The bottle outdoors in full sunlight.
Look at the pretty colours! Sorry for the pre-clean up pictures.
Then, I fuged it up. I thought gold would be lovely with brown.

NG. *beep beep* Wrong answer.
This is a dense gold glitter. I piled on a coat and above, was the result.

Pretty ugly huh? Sometimes, too much is way too much if you get my drift.

1 comment:

jaljen said...

At least your good taste TOLD you it was wrong! Live and learn...