Sunday, March 7, 2010

Concept Vs Execution (Off with her head!)

Hope the last post didn't scare you guys away. AH! NUDITY! >,<

Well, I attempted a sad-ass-lame attempt at a manicure today. I used OPI Suzi skies in the pyreness in suede and tried to do a french with OPI Jade is the new black on the tips.

Great concept. Execution, impossible. For me anyway.

It was groopy, uneven and I nicked and smudged all my fingers at least twice.

Also it looked more like tarmac next to a lawn. Not pretty. Very suburban. Not nice.

I refused to have photographs of it around so I did not take it this time. I will try one nail and show you guys how crappy it looked.

On the bright side, I caught Alice In Wonderland 3D!

It gave me a great idea for a themed manicure. And no, I will not be using ANY of OPI's Alice polishes. How? 

Just wait and see.... ^^

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