Sunday, March 28, 2010

NOTD: Jewel Tips

With flash. These are 2 coaters. Rimmel's Green with Envy. And Skinfood Pedicure Vita 03SX1 (purple).

Out in the sun. Isn't it just lovely? And see, I was a good girl and actually did a clean up before I took these pictures. ^^ It does make a different but I prefer letting it 'go' the natural way.

The jewel tones are so rich and match my new dress. *muah ha ha ha ha*

Hope you like these pictures! ^^

PS I am always willing to do swaps. See anything you like? Let a note for me in comments! I'm dying for some China Glaze lovin'. Please?


Anonymous said...

More pictures in the sun/garden! The photos look fab here. =)

The Green Fairy said...

Thanks! I'm getting better with the camera. Just compare to much earlier pictures! *shudder*

Rhea said...

that purple is very pretty!

ipehishere said...

lol i love to put more than one color to on my nails at same time XD
sometimes 5 different color!! like rainbow in my thought. but my bf said im weird lol

this color is perfect. i ll try it next time ! :D