Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thanks Dave!

My friend Dave finally passed me his CD. It had to be hand-delivered from Melbourne, Australia to Singapore. Much thanks to my friendly post-woman. ^^

Anyway, this is my fave song off the album. Just listen to the lyrics! As I listen, I am swatching. Stay tuned :)

The Cloud And The Tree

why am i stuck on the ground?
asked the young tree of the cloud
i know that my leaves touch the sky
but sometimes i wish that i could fly

then came the answer from up high
preceded by a quiet sigh
up here you always drift around
you've got it better on the ground

but no, you see you can go far
and watch the world and catch the stars
i cannot do that from down here
its the same scene year to year

a bird landed on the tree
and built a nest up in its leaves
a gentle breeze did blow that day
and the tree began to sway

the tree dreamed it was in the air
and flying around everywhere
the branches moved like they were wings
and the tree began to sing

oh ay yo ho ho
one day upward i will go

then the cloud began to cry
knowing he would never fly
the way the tree did on that day
for he was born to fade away

so as the rain fell on the tree
as it now falls on you and me
the tree of course now understood
that down to earth is sometimes good
All credit to Dave. Check him out on YouTube and MySpace. Did I mention he's pretty hot? ^^

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