Friday, March 26, 2010

NOTD: Silver Screen and Purple Layers!

Hey! I decided to paint my nails with Revlon's silver screen. Here it is with one coat!
Pretty shabby eh? I used just one thin coat. I was thinking, hmmmmm what would pump this up? Another 5 coats? Nah... I decided to layer some purple glitter over it (Ash's loot) and thus...
I dented my middle finger slightly in the process. I have no idea how it happened. I put on just one coat of the purple glitter and *boomz* pretty shimmery goodness! Click for a close up.

I realised my nails are like a Monet painting. Good (to view) from far, far from good. ^^

I guess everyone is worried about their cuticles and hangnails and overpainted nails. But we are human and no one(in real life) will stare that closely at your nails. After a couple of showers, my nails look perfect. ^^

So yes, this is it and please enter the giveaway! Only 5 days left!


Rhea said...

When I get a dent in my wet polish, I jsut lick it to smoothen it, it works! :P

Skulda said...

ACK! Rhea! Ewwwww!! x.x Doncha put wet polish in your mouth!

Ash said...

Glad you're enjoying the loot and putting it to good use =D

The Green Fairy said...

Thanks Ash! But do you really lick it? I normally just rub a bit of nail polish remover to smooth it out. And I already changed colours on my hands. I only noticed when I put the photos up.

I still hope the licking of wet nail polish is a joke! ^^