Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Polishes and an update

Work has exploded. And because of my extreme procastination of paperwork, I am suffering now. I deserve it though. No one to blame but meself.

And yes, about comments. I am a tech idiot/moron/dimwit/dumbo. I stupidly turned on 'No comments allowed'. But it should all be working now. *cross fingers*

But yes, on to happier things. I am shopping tomorrow for my giveaway. And I have decided to have 2 prizes! A grand prize *drumroll* and a mini prize! Rules and such at a later date.

And I shall have to give thanks to my good friend Ash(not her real name). She *sniff sniff* shifted back to Canada a few days back and I'm going to miss her loads. Although I'm seeing her in December, cos I'm planning on spending Christmas in Vancouver! Ohhhhhh, Claires! But I digress.

Since my darling Mama Ash was leaving, she gave me her mini nail polish hoard.

So I have 16, almost new, polishes! (Including a mini Sui ^^ ) Ash buys polishes I would never buy for myself. In case you haven't noticed, I love bright polishes, especially green and purple. Ash is a classy classic chick. So, her stash is mostly pinks, pales and bright chilli reds. But it's lovely! Thanks honey!

(L to R) Revlon 751 Blackberry, Revlon 680 Revlon Red (classic), Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear 24 Blackout, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear 11 Lavender Envy, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength 66 True Love, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength 37 Beautiful Blossom, Sylvie Biggest Collection 11j, Sylvie Biggest Collection 15j, Rimmel 60secs 640 Twinkle, Rimmel 60 secs 819 Green with envy, Anna Sui (gush) 14b, Canmake 8011, Canmake 8022, OPI Done out in Deco, Honey Sweet Long Stay 160, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Spell.
Hope you like this post! ^^ And much love to Romika and Skulda! Thanks ladies for pointing out the comments issue. And I do read your blogs! ^^ I just prefer bookmarking blogs rather than following. Which I have only recently learnt to do. You guys are the greatest! *blows kisses*

Bonus Pictures: My 2 dogs

Cookie! And Floppy! They are both impossible to photograph. Typical animals move to much. Floppy's picture is a bit dark but I am useless at photshop.


The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

Nice! Those polishes look great...glad the comments are sorted out :P

Skulda said...

*runs around in circles* I can comment!! RAWR!!
Awe your doggies look so cute!

The Green Fairy said...

Thanks ladies! Watch out for tomorrow! *wink*