Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hi all!

This is my 'willing-to-swap' list.

Some of the nail polishes have been swatched once, some are used (like 20% gone), and some look used but if we swap, I will go out and buy a new bottle for you! I shall indicate where and what and if that is the bottle you are getting a a new one. :)

Just a warning: A lot of the korean nail polishes have numbers and letters as names. Ex: PK3637
So to save time, I didn't type those out. Just indicate from left to right (or whatever plugs your tub, whatever floats your boat, whatever roasts your chestnuts or whatever wraps your wontons, ummm you get the picture) and say which bottle. Easy peasy lemon sqeezy? :)

These are are unused. The Missha ones are the same polish. From left to right, the first one is full and the other is 80% full. I say missing cos it just came like that. Fuso red and Fuso Red Glitter. Honey Sweet blue/gray. All this are unswatched and new.
From left to right, Sally Hansen Spell (70% full), Sally Hansen Lavender Envy (swatched), Pedicure White (80% left), Sally Hansen Black Out (Used for frankening only), Sally Hansen True Love (Swatched once) and Revlon Copperglaze Platinum (swatched once).
These Rainbow polishes are nameless. But click to enlarge. These are brought new. This is my personal collection. Just state Top picture or bottom.

My ever-classic Skinfood pedicure range. I swear by these guys. They are are really great one-coaters. I will get these new.
Who says blue and green should never be seen? These beauties are screaming out for ya! The green in the middle is a yummy jelly. Click to enlarge and yes, these will be new. :)
Hot hot hot! The orange is lovely and (top picture, last bottle on the right) is a beautiful red shimmer. These will be bought new.

The bottle with the gold cap is my favourite rose gold one. People have said they don't see the gold. I don't know why I say rose gold either sometimes, it's just the shade and I can't explain it. :) The black for this range requires 3 coats (Just a warning :)) But it dries to a nice glossy black. Yes! More new bottles!

Soooooooo... Any questions?

If you want to swap please just let me know. Rainbow and Skinfood is an 'endless' supply. However, if I do head out to the shops, and they don't have the colour that you want, I'm not giving you mine. ^^ I will try my best to source it from either Singapore or Malaysia. So you might have to give me a bit of time.

The other brands is first come, first served. I only have a bottle of each and those are colours I don't like on myself. >,<

I must also figure out how to put this as a link or another page. My html skills do not exist. And I can slaughter zombies, kill hordes of ogres and have a couple of lucky headshots... But I can't create webpages...


But seriously, have fun browsing and just leave me questions in the comments section.

I will get back to ya ASAP! ^^


jaljen said...

Hi there, GF!
I like the Rainbow top middle (pinky glitter?)
SkinFood rose gold, jelly green, beautiful red shimmer. That makes 4.

I have put 4 aside for you so far. All greens.
BYS Dazzling
Barry M Mint Green
BYS Fern
Poison Ivy - I think that was correct.

D'you want to stick at 4 or go to 5 or 6?
You mentioned Canmake and I looked them up and they look fab-u-lous!

Thanks, Fairy!

The Green Fairy said...

We can go 5 or 6 :)

I'll take another look around for what else I would like to swap.

I'll toss in one of my Canmakes for ya! It has been swatched though but just once.

I realised pink aint my colour.

And green is. In case you haven't noticed. ^^