Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day Off and Shopping Blues

I got myself a BIIIIIIG bag. How big you say?
That big! Don't believe it? Different angle then.

It's currently sale season in Singapore. The Great Singapore Sale. Not that there's THAT many sales in Singapore.

It's only the New Year Sale, the Pre-Chinese New Year Sale, the post chinese new year sale. The Easter sale (pre and post), end of season sales (times 4) Hari Raya sale (pre and post), Deepavali sale (pre and post), labour day weekend sale, National day sale, June holidays sale, Christmas sale (pre and post).

Just to name a few.

But i got this bag at about 65% off. It was a bargin.

And it was an evil buy.

I'm heading to Vancouver end of the year for 3 and a half weeks. During that time, I'm making a trip to Seattle. And possibly, Disneyland and Universal Studios in LA. It would be my first trip there.

And I'm excited and broke thinking about it.

I'm visiting a girlfriend in Vancity, so my room is free. *phew* Thanks mamajaja!

So, it's a day off and I'm doing maths. Evil maths.

Looks like I'll be living off air, grass, mud and public restrooms tapwater til December.



Rhea said...

You have Deepavali/Diwali sales there?!?!

The Green Fairy said...

Yes we do! ^^ We have 4 offical languages. English, Mandarin,Malay and Tamil.

And since we are so diverse, socially and religion-wise, we celebrate every holiday. ^^ Or most of them with sales.

Chantal said...

Nice bag - I love a good sale!

Rebecca said...

That is a HUGE bag!