Sunday, May 23, 2010

NOTD: Yellow and Blue Flag Nails (Or what used to be)

Hi all! It's only after I finished my manicure that I realised it looked just like the Swedish flag.

Meatballs anyone? ^^

And I got a new bag! ^^ It was an impluse buy though.

I think you guys will be seeing photos of my shopping these 2 weeks. Cos, after I took my nail pictures, I gave my dogs a bath.

My nail got hooked on Floppy's collar and...

it got torn straight off. Ouchie! So I had to clip all my nails.



Rebecca said...

Boo and hiss to torn nails :(

You could try wearing latex gloves to wash him?

The Green Fairy said...

i could try that! But with long nails, they tear latex gloves. I think I'll just get my bro/mum to wash him next time. ^^