Saturday, May 29, 2010

NOTD: Anna Sui No. 333 and some OPI Buys

Hellos all!

This is a light shimmer glittery pink. 2 coats.
But I hated it on my nails. It makes them look sooooo yellow and gross. The only up side is the rose scent.
Imagine using a single rose petal to dig your nose. ^^ It's just like that.

I have a really bad habit of scratching my nose when I'm nervous. So when I had that meeting with my boss, at least it smelt pretty. >,<

But I did buy something. Although I should be saving more money...

Can you guess which 2 colours?

Close up! Caaaaaaaan you guess?

Yes! It is!

By the way, I promised this lovely lady from nailpolishuk that I would have my swap list up and ready by Friday.

Happy belated Vesak day to all Buddhists! Sorry to digress.

It has been rainy here in Singapore. Dark and overcast. The pictures I took were crap. So let's hope Sunday is a sunny day.

Will swatch these 2 polishes soon.

Byes all!


Rebecca said...

Shrek, yay!
I love the bottle design of the Anna Sui polish. Would look gorgeous on a dressing table.

The Green Fairy said...

Anna Sui has such pretty packaging. Have you seen Jill Sturt makeup? It's the anti-Sui. It's all pink, silver and glittery.

Check it out. I have some of it (from Japan) so I'll post pictures soon. ^^