Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NOTD: Sally Hansen True Love 66

Why is True Love the number 66? Since my nails are nubbins *growl*, I decided to go for a light neutral colour.
It's soooooo not me.
2 coats. Light and shimmery. Very safe. Bah. The middle finger is still red and a bit sore. It's growing but very very slowly. Maybe I'm just impatient.

Bonus Pictures!

Sleeping Cookie. She looks so sweet when she's not grumpy.

I'm sorry this looks so gross. Floppy was sleeping. Not dead despite the picture. He was almost impossible to wake up til dinner :) Then he was up like a flash.

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jaljen said...

Forget safe shades. Just give your skin lots of love. I have a grumpy dog too. Talking of dinner - one of them is telling me it's that time!