Saturday, May 8, 2010

Green Overload! (^,^)*

Hellos all! This is my left and *drumroll* right hand. I discovered that I have 16 bottles of green nail polish. Every one a joy in itself. And this was me experimenting with all the greens I had. My right thumb was a 'layered' franken. I love the colour but it had disgusting bubbles that made it look a bit like snot. Charming, eh?

I will line up the bottles tomorrow (when there is sun) and take a picture of me green beauties.

And speaking of green...

I walked into a Cash Converters after teaching a class today. I just wandered in cos I had 20 minutes to kill. I never expected to find anything interesting. And I almost didn't.

As I was just about to leave the shop, I saw little plastic bags all stuffed in a corner on a bottom shelf.

You never know right? So I looked. And I saw...
this. Interesting no? $5 for 10 pieces? What's Missha? Where is it from? Korea, I guess. Judging from the website anyway.

A++ for value. F for packaging. But who cares? So I got it!
I had 2 bottles of the same glittery brown but the rest were different!
Same bottles, just with flash this time.

I can't wait to swatch these tomorrow. I'm loving the greens and pinks in this haul.

Awesome, no? ^^

Bonus Picture:
 These are 'local' bluebells in Singapore. I could not manage a good picture. As a kid, I used to pluck these flowers and popped them on my pinkies to make little 'fairy hats'. I had a good imagination, even then.


Anonymous said...

those bottles have a very cute shape! I hope the nail polish is good. how fun to find them! -Jen

The Green Fairy said...

It was awesome! The polish is a bit goopy, but for 50cents per pop, one can't complain! ^^

Skulda said...

Those bottles are to die for!! :D I can't wait to see.

ART OF NAIL said...

ilove the bottles great deal! =)