Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Great days with just a bitch who tried to screw it up *picture heavy*

Hi ladies!

Today is going to be a non-nail related post. I am going to share the good first then the annoying. Despite the name of the post, this really isn't going be a negative 'i-hate-the-world' thing.

Well on Sunday, I took my mom and dad out to the National Museum of Singapore. We had to have lunch first of course so we went to China Town.
This is some random Chinese medicine shop on Smith Street. I know, Smith Street in China Town? Don't ask!
Below is, what we call in Singapore, a wet market. Like a fresh produce market.
So, it's time for lunch at our favourite food stall in China Town. It has been around for ever. My great grand father used to come here and eat. It's home cooked Cantonese food. Yummy! Eating here is one of my earliest memories.
Liver with kai lan, the veg. I don't know the English word for it. The ONLY place I'll eat liver. It's that good.
Home made 'golden coin' tofu with bean sprouts. Super yummy. They ration these things at the stall! They are that popular.
 Looks very unattractive. But this is bitter melon/bitter gourd with sliced fish with a black bean sauce. Tastier than it looks.
Everyone knows this. Sweet and sour pork! Glorious crispy melty in the mouth. Home made sauce. *drools*
This is the best sweet and sour pork in Singapore. Dare I say the world?

Evidence of goodness.
Pictures of the first fire station in Singapore. I was in the car so it was pretty hard to take a straight photo.
In car still. I think this is the Stamp Museum.
The entrance of fort canning park. In the middle of a very pretty park.
Inside the National Museum. Look at the ironwork! Isn't it just lovely?
A giant sculpture of a chili. How big you ask?
That's me and my mom! My dad is cam shy so yeah.

It was a great Sunday. We laughed, we talked, we bonded. We went without a single argument. The Museum had an exhibit of Singapore in the 60s. It was really good with my own personal tour guides.

Then night came...

My mom's old friend, let's call her Da Cow, shall we.

She came over and I came to the kitchen to have dinner.

She pointed at me after some forced conversation and said,"Wah you so fat ah! Why don't you join the Biggest Loser?"

I lost it. I really did. I haven't lost my temper in ages and yet, there I was, breaking cups.

You see, since the beginning of this year, I have been on a healthy weight loss thing. It's more for my health. In Jan, I was a size UK14. Now, I am a UK12.

You see, in Singapore, (THE one thing I hate about this place) anything over a size8 is fat.

Fatty fat fat fatty fat.

So god knows where I stand.
And old people think it's their right to comment on your body and weight with no second thought.

If I lost a gram for every time someone said I was fat, I would Kate Moss -20kg. Which is all of her.

Okay, little rant over.

Back to nails soon! I promise. :)


jaljen said...

Great photos. I'm hungry now. How beautiful Singapore must be.

What a very rude woman. No wonder you were cross. Try to regain your polished serenity and rise above it!

The Green Fairy said...

Thanks Jen :) I just needed to rant. Some people are just... beyond words.

Skulda said...

BAHH!! Da Cow is soooooo rude! Don't worry, I'd be fat too. We can go on the Biggest Loser together. ;) (only kidding!)
It looks like you guys had so much fun!

Danielle said...

Aww, that not right, don't let one person get to you like that. just be positive, and congrats on the current weight loss and health kick :)


Rebecca said...

I think you look great, don't let people like that get you down! You should come to the UK and then nobody would say anything if you're a 12!

I love your pics though, Singapore looks so beautiful.

PS pretty sure I entered your giveaway.

The Green Fairy said...

I love London! It was awesome visiting the UK and doing all the touristy thing. We hardly do that in our own countries. :)

I remember feeling normal in the UK, Australia and North America. It's just that asians seem to be obessed with weight loss and being skinny. Even the men.

I'm all for equal rights (or more like equal opportunities), but there's something a wee bit wrong with a pretty skinny japanese boy advertising makeup...


@Rebecca U did! Sorry for the blurness.

@SKulda Thanks babe! Any great polish shops in Vancouver? I need help soon! :)

Kitty said...

Fun photos. I love seeing other places! I had to show the giant chili to my husband. He loves peppers. And the food...you make me hungry.

Don't even listen to Da Cow. She knows nothing. (This reminded me of my sister's Filipino mother-in-law...everytime she sees me she tells me I'm too skinny, I need to gain more weight. I'm a US14 trying to *lose* weight..*sigh*...of course she also asks me when my husband and I are going to have a baby...you can't win with these women!)