Monday, July 19, 2010

Review of Sally Hansen's Nail Thickener

Please note, I brought this myself. It was not a gift. I read all about G + L and I think those 'big companies' are just trying to be difficult. We all give honest reviews. Are you gonna put listening devices at Starbucks to see who verbally disses your product? Take the critics and just grow up.

Anyway, this product was kinda meh. Yes, my nails were much harder when it was on. I would say even 10 times harder. But when I cleaned it off, my nails were only marginally harder (2 times).

  • Does work VERY well when it's on
  • Can be used as a base coat.
  • Dries fast
  • No miracle in a bottle (but we all know that)
  • Although can be used as a basecoat, I experienced major chipping. Even from my good polishes.
  • Solution is a bit goopy and thick. Hard to manage.
  • When it dries, it remains a little bumpy. Wonder what that it?
 So, I haven't painted my nails much last week. I have been feeling a bit down.

One of my really good friends is sick and it's really breaking my heart.
Everytime I look at property, the prices shot up.


But! This week will be better! *positive thinking*

So, here's a really funny video! Argh argh argh ahhhhhh!

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jaljen said...

This week WILL be better.
Arnie doing"acting" is always worth a giggle.