Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sally Hansen's Miracle Nail Thickener

I have 2 major problems with my nails.

1. I have dry cuticles.
2. They are thin and weak.

So I decided to try this. I have put it on my NAKED nails as a basecoat. It has been a week. They feel the same to me.

I am gonna continue. With crossed fingers.

I will review it in a few weeks. Let's give this a chance.


jaljen said...

Don't you just think it's all part and parcel of wearing polish? My cuticles are getting worse and worse. I do moisturise and look after them and the weather is good so I just think it's the remover and maybe the chemicals generally.
If anyone can find a miracle then we all do want to know obviously!

OMG the polish I am wearing from our swap is gorgeous!!!

The Green Fairy said...

I'm glad you like them! I adore the topshop one i got from ya. I'm still a total convert to Skinfood though.

But their range of colours is improving :)

Skulda said...

I've tried this product and I have found that it only worked when I was wearing the product. It didn't magically make my nails stronger or thicker. It may not be what it is ment for, but from the packaging and the "instructions", that is what it lead me to believe. But then again I could just be guilable.
I hope it works for you! ^.^
*skips off to play with faeries*

Rebecca said...

will definitely be interested to hear how this turns out!