Monday, July 12, 2010

NOTD: Purple Flowers

First I applied a single coat of OPI's Done out in Deco.

And a coat of Skinfood. It's a shimmery purple. For some reason I can't upload that photo of the bottle. Bah.
In sun. No flash.
In shade. No flash. 2nd photo blurred to show shimmer and glitter.

Then I employed slave labour, I mean a friend, to paint purple flowers with my paints.

All taken in  shade with no flash. Not bad huh? It was his first time :P

And BYS Fern on my tootises. 2 coats. Formula was a bit drippy and the brush was not great. But I do love the colour. I should have done 3 coats but I'm lazy.


jaljen said...

Flowers are superb! That was your first time? Very impressive.

The Green Fairy said...

My friend actually drew it. I have tried but my attempts have been... not too good. Looks more like blood dripping down the walls.

Rebecca said...

I love the flowers!