Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NOTD: Pinky Purple Manicure

Hi ladies!

I promised pics of nails today and I will deliever but my cam didn't save the earlier manicure! *bangs head*
No idea what went wrong...

So I have nails. 3 coats of a Rainbow polish. Pinky purple with red and silver glitter.
But for some reason, it looks blue-purple or burple in the pictures.
It's not an accurate colour. But as usual with rainbow polishes, it glides on like butter.
THAT is the colour. *sigh* I can't work photoshop so this is the best I can do...

But I did go out for durians and mangosteens with my best friend.
The King and Queen of Fruit.
Yum, yum. Don't drop it on your foot. It's an aquired taste. Like blue cheese, but I love it. This is a Malaysian durian, the taste is richer. Those frozen Thai durians are different. I feel they taste bland.
And mangosteens! This bag was $2. And it goes so well with durian. *drools* If you haven't tasted it, you must. I remember going into Harrods (in London) and I saw they were selling these in the food department. 2 medium sized ones for 6 pounds! That was $17 those days. I almost fainted on the spot.
And the aftermath... We have durian sellers here that set up wooden tables and stools. And each table has a BIG basket for the shells and stuff. Ahhhh... Bliss!


jaljen said...

Those Rainbow polishes you sent me are fabulous quality. Pity this one doesn't photograph well.

The durian looks incredible. Don't like the sound of the taste but it's a visual masterpiece.

The Green Fairy said...

I know, they are great! The smell is so so but better than paint thinner! :)

And if you are ever in Asia, try durian. It's a taste sensation! You might even like it ^.^