Saturday, July 3, 2010

NOTD: Sad-looking PInk Strawberries

Hellos ladies!

I warn ya! WORST CUTICLES EVER. Since I was sick, I never did pick up the cuticle cream and have not done so in about 10 days.

Punishment for my sin. *sob*

Anyway, I did try out my new paints and tried a simple design. I truly need practice. One day, I will look back on these pictures and laugh. Or cry.

We all have to start some where right?
*sigh* I used a Skinfood pink and my paints. It looks slapped on. But good from a distance.
I took this indoors with as much sunlight as I could get through my window.

And Cookie was sleeping last night. But the flash woke her up!
Look at that baby face!
Poor sleepy girl :)

1 comment:

KarenD said...

Aw, cute doggie!

As for the strawberries, they look pretty good to me. :)