Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Singapore!

My country is 45 today!

And although it's not perfect, and I used to hate how confined I felt within this little country, I can now say, I'm glad to be here. To be home.

There are things to be improved and some things are just great. And others swept under the rug.

But, it wouldn't be Singapore if we didn't complain, would it? (Note: Singaporeans have a reputation of being whiners, whingers and complainers. I admit I'm gulity sometimes.)

This is the Singapore National Anthem. It's written in Malay and there is an English translation. If you are curious to learn more about Singapore, click HERE. It gives a nice concise background. And if you intend to visit Singapore, click here.

Now that I have shamelessly promoted my country, I'm moving on to the YOG.

YOG? What's that?

It's the Youth Olympic Games! The first one ever. And no one here is remotely excited. I feel bad at times that I'm not more tickled, but life goes on. I still have to work, live and play. It doesn't impact my life. But in case you are curious, this is the offical YOG song.

Tabitha Nauser - Asia
Steve Appleton - Europe
Jessica Mauboy- Oceania
Jody Williams - Africa
Sean Kingston - Americas

It's starting soon! Is any television station in any country out there showing footage of the YOG? Please let me know. I really want to know what the world thinks (or even knows that this is going on)

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jaljen said...

Your temperature doesn't go much lower than 22 degrees??????! What about at night? And humidity sometimes of 100%???????

I think I'd die. But you have the fastest growing economy in the world. And reclaiming land from the sea. I had no idea that Singapore was so young. Younger than me!

The Green Fairy said...

Nope. At night, it's on average about 25-26 degrees. If we are lucky. Its WARM WARM WARM.

Humidity destroys most outdoor concerts. People arn't used to it so their voices suffer as well. But, it keeps your skin mositurized and looking young.