Saturday, August 21, 2010

NOTD: LA Girl's Head Banging

Hey ladies!

This is banging! I'm beginning to love the formula on these more than OPIs!
Ooooo SHimmer! I'm such a green fiend!

I fell asleep with wet nails thus the hair streaks. This is 2 coars and I kept it on for 4 days! There is tipwear but considering how rough I am, they stood up well.

And I am trying a new eye mask from Faceshop. It's a gel mask. My skin has been blotchy... So!
It's designed for the eye area. They are squishy at first, but after 30mins, the eye masks become drier and thinner, like paper. It's cool!
It smells divine too! As it should be, being that close to my nose. I'm going to use one once a week for a while and let's see if my eye bags get better. Only thing is that it's a bit expensive. $4.95 per use. Hmmm...

DISCLAIMER: I brought all of these on my own, with my own money. It's MY opinion.

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Just Cake girl said...

love the nail color :))