Saturday, August 14, 2010

Old NOTD: Ex-Lucky Nails and Some random cheap brand

Please forgive quality. I took this with my camera phone. This was my manicure when I was house hunting. I HAD bling but it fell off the first day. This was Depend's green and LA girl Matt white. I drew the tiny rainbow on. It looked much better 2 hours before I took this picture.
 A nameless $1 bottle. It was a shimmery brown. Taken with flash.

Taken without flash. It looks greenish here but there is NO green in it to the naked eye. This was 2 coats.

Some bonus, funny pictures to come!

I was wandering round the supermarket late one night. I saw some funny funny things. So I took pictures.

First up, a pirated Barbie doll.
Drag queen much? Look what it says on the back.
She will bring you much infinite happiness! A must for just $14.90!
And while you are soooo full of infinite happiness, use this hoola hoop for joyful! Make me joyful as well! ^.^

We all need more happiness and joy, no?

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