Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NOTD: Mac and Matt

Hi ladies!

So LA Alpine white (It's my all time fave white now. I need a backup bottle). It's white in 2 coats and you can make it shiny! And my lust item Mac's Blue India. I have had the bottle for ages but I finally did a manicure with it today.

Matt Alpine white: 2 coats. Mac Blue India: 2 coats. although 3 would have been better.
The sun is out! So i rushed out and took pics before my clean up. Opps. Anyway, I love the colour of the Mac Blue India. It's even better in real life. A dusky blue. But I wasn't too happy with application. It was a bit bubbly. And if you do a close up, you can see the bubbles and streaks. It's not my top coat. *sigh* But I love it so much.

My nails are Monets. Far from good, good from far. Geddit? Yeah, geddit? You don't? Oh well.
My workstation today was in the living room, much to my Mom's disgust. I have a day off cos it's a school holiday! Yeah for being a teacher!

Everyone else, have an awesome day! ^.^


jaljen said...

Mac Blue India. Lovely. Shame about the formula. This is why I will NEVER get Mac.

Anh Nguyen said...

@ Jaljen:

Theres a good dupe of that, thats kind of the same called Ciate Superfical.

But yes, it is a very lovely color.

maRyya said...

look beautiful
take a look to my blog if you have time!

The Green Fairy said...

Is Ciate's formula better?