Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NOTD: Mini Skittles

Gold, pink and blue!
Faceshop gold 3 coats. Skinfood 1 coat. Rainbow blue 2 coats.

I wanted something to match my hair. I put in bright pink extensions to celebrate my life as it is now. Which is AWESOME!
Indoors with flash.
Natural light indoors with no flash.

I love skittles. Don't ya? I say Mini cos I only did 3 colours. And I will take pictures of my hair soon. I need a friend to do it for me.

And as for the apartment?

They took my check. But they haven't banked it in yet. So I will know if my offer has been accepted in 8 days. But bank loan is coming along fine. No issue at all. I'm so thankful.


Forgive me if I'm bouncing off the walls in joy. I'm just so tickled pink.


jaljen said...

Good luck with the flat.
Loving the skittles.
Why don't we have Rainbow and Skin Food over here? They are great brands! Even if they don't do names!

The Green Fairy said...

Names are not important. What's in a name?

Anytime you want more polishes, just let me know! ^.^