Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My life according to Google

My life according to Google; Type in the following and choose from the first description found.... Be honest, don't just pick one out to be funny! (PS I am avoiding paper work at the moment)

I sense a plant theme somehow...

1: Type in "[name] needs" in the Google search:
During winter when your heat is on, many ferns need misting.

2: Type in "[name] looks like" in Google search:
Looks like a fern but is not, what is it?

3: Type in "[name] hates" in Google search:
My mom hates the name Fern. (no kidding!!!!!)

4: Type in "[name] goes" OR "[name] has gone" in Google search:
Little Ferns for Fanny's Little Friends. Now her husband has gone, and she sits down and covers her face with her hands, and weeps.

5: Type in "[name] loves" in Google search:
It's our love fern! Oh, Bennie-boo-boo, boo-boo

6: Type in "[name] eats" in Google search:
What eats a fern? caterpillars.

7: Type in "[name] has" in Google search:
Fern has a Flatshare, House Share for rent in Singapore.3 bed-rooms walk-up apartment - 2nd floor, 1600sqft - Peaceful environment. Lovely green compound surrounded by pine trees. - Private stairway
(Dream. PInes in Singapore though? Where?)

8: Type in "[name] works" in Google search:
Fernworks, Art and Resin Jewelry Handmade by Faryn Davis.

9: Type in"[name] lives" in Google search:
Find For All Their Lives by Fern Michaels (1991) in the Books category. (cheesy romance i bet)

10: Type in "[name] died" in Google search:
I have a dead fern hanging outside my front door. Why you ask? Well, it used to be alive. And at some point, birds decided to make a nest out of it. The fern died eventually and, without thinking, I took it down to throw it away. I was inside, looking out the window, and saw these birds flying around looking for it. I felt so bad! I went out and grabbed the fern that I had placed by the trash, and hung it back up. Now I get to watch the birds flying in and out of the fern as I sit at my desk looking out the window. The fern looks like crap, but the birds are cute.

11.Type in "[name] does" in Google search:
Fern Britton is causing a bit of a storm with her latest fashion choice - but we've discovered it's not the first time.

12: Type in "[name] will" in Google search:
Ostrich fern will tolerate some sun in northerly zone drained, acidic soil.

13.Type in "[name] is" in Google search:
Since ferns reproduce from spores, this law is not applicable to cultivated fern varieties.

Somehow not as many on plants as I thought. Sigh. I do like number 6 and 10. ^^

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maRyya said...

i did the same thing like you
so here's what i got:
1.Pls I need urgent help regarding canon lbp pr
2. looks “Like a Virgin” in “Celebration” Video
3.maria hates tony
4.Maria Goes to Town
5.Anders Loves Maria
6.I would have to "eat" the additional cost
7.has 3 friends
8.expatriates law
9.Maria lives her dream
10.died or vanished during the War
11. Maria does Glamour Magazine
12.will support the implementation of these initiatives over the next few months
13.maria is offline

it was really funny
great idea!